If you can’t be supportive, then goodbye.

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To some, that may sound harsh. “If you can’t be supportive, then goodbye.” But for me, for me, it’s a boundary. And honestly, one that is likely long overdue. I’ve spent most of my life feeling like I was hearing all the reasons why my dreams were too big, too crazy, too out of reach, too unrealistic so I kept letting what everyone was saying about them be true. As I’ve grown older and see the way others’ thoughts and opinions have held me back from things that are not only possible but possible for me, I’m ready to let all of that go.

I’m working my way through the Manifestation course within the To Be Magnetic Pathway membership and maybe it’s because last night I was listening to them talk about Tests and Triggers or maybe it’s just the culmination of years of others holding me down and me finally learning to step into my worthiness, but whatever the reason, here I am.

I matched with someone on a dating app a few days ago. He seemed kind of funny at first. Maybe a little overwhelming but I was also willing to see if it was just his sense of humor and trying to be funny via a message on a dating app. But then the yellow flags started to come out…

Asking if I drink kombucha simply because he could tell I’m into yoga. 

Well, yes, I do but those are two unrelated things and the judgment/assumption made me a little uncomfortable. I made a joke about it. Went a little self-deprecating by even noting how I used to brew it myself but also decided this was a better time than any for me to put out there that I’m not just “into yoga” but I am a yoga teacher and building a yoga business. So I did.

He said there are 40 yoga spots within 5 minutes of where he lives and how do I expect to compete and set myself apart with that much saturation.

Goodbye, Mr. Go-Big-or-Go-Home.

I’ve had the relationship where my dreams are too big or where my partner doesn’t believe I can accomplish what I’ve set out to do. I’ve been surrounded by family who acts like they’re trying to be supportive, but really what they’re showing is how scared they are for you and projecting their insecurity of you back onto you. And that’s not the kind of energy I’m here for. Not anymore.

I put off starting a podcast for YEARS because I thought the market was too saturated. I watched as more and more people started podcasts and I sat in the corner still too afraid to put myself out there in that way, to start my own. 

I had a conversation with a fellow yoga teacher, podcaster, and (I like to think) friend at a yoga retreat in September and she mentioned how people think the podcast market is saturated but truth is, it’s not. People don’t realize how much work goes into it and shortly after they start, they stop. Her words rang through me in a way I didn’t know I needed at the time and I finally had the inspiration to put my excuses aside, solidify the idea that felt best to me, and put my podcast out into the world. And I did. The Soul Connection podcast is still a baby trying to find its place in the world but it’s out there and it’s lighting my soul on fire. I have no regrets.

And I’m taking that same approach and feeling to my yoga business. In fact, it’s been interesting that I’ve had a few people lately who have told me they can see me opening my own space and describing it to me without knowing that those exact things they mentioned have been a part of my vision. What a cool thing as a human to experience people in your life seeing your future with you but without the need to tell them. Like they’re finally waking up with you that your dreams actually aren’t too much, too big, or too out of reach.

I want more people in my life who see those visions standing beside me, rather than more people who don’t get it. 

If you can’t be supportive and you don’t even know me, how am I to think you’ll get on board once you do? 

So goodbye, Mr. Go-Big-or-Go-Home. Goodbye to the people who can’t get on board. Goodbye to the people who want to try to hold me down. If you’re not standing in line with me, then you get to watch from afar.