If You Don’t Love it…

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I’ve had super productive, yet fairly relaxing days off the past two days. I did have to go into work yesterday but was able to get everything done in under 2 hours, beating the goal I made for myself. Success.

Aside from finding some new clothes to donate, I went through a pile of magazines on my desk pulling out recipes and workouts I want to try. Then I filed them where I’ll forget about them for another 6 months. 😉

With the potential for a move coming soon, I need to go through some of my stuff and figure out how to lessen the load of the move. In fact, I’m going to put some furniture on Craigslist this week. Nothing major (though I am debating selling my dresser…) but there are pieces that I could use to sell. And then I can put that money to new clothes! Or one of my trips coming up this summer!

But moving onto other things…

If you don’t love it, you’re going to fail.

I loved it; I succeeded. I need to remind myself of this more often.

As part of my journey in becoming the best person I can be and loving my life, sometimes it’s easy to get down about the loss of my band last year. They have a lot going for them right now and seeing the success often feels like salt on a fresh wound, even though this wound is a year old. But honestly, it’s proof. Proof that I succeeded during my time. Without the work that I put in, they may not be where they are today. If I hadn’t busted my butt and built that momentum, other management companies still wouldn’t know who they are. I built that; I made that happen, even if it back-fired on me in the end. It’s proof that I succeeded. I loved what I did.

I love writing. I found the release that writing can bring and want to pursue it to the fullest extent. Because I love it and can persevere, I know I will succeed. I just have to remember it will take time.

And because I love the company I work for and work hard to plan great events, I know tonight’s event will be a success. I’m looking forward to it.

If you don’t love it, you’re going to fail.

Thanks, boss.

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