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A couple weeks ago, Julie from A Better Life with Burgers, nominated me for the Liebster award.  If you spend a lot of time making your away around the blog world, you may have seen this before, but basically the Liebster award is a peer-nominated “small” blog award – it’s really just-for-fun and for sharing some of our favorite smaller blogs.

Here are the rules are:

  • Tell 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer your nominator’s 11 questions
  • Write 11 questions of your own, and nominate more people
  • Those nominated must have fewer than 200 followers

11 Facts About Me

1. I lived in 9 different apartments in 7 years.  (5 of those were in 3 years!)

2. I used to play oboe when I was in middle school.

3. I have a Bachelor’s in Music from Berklee College of Music.

4. I used to manage bands – including The Lumineers. (Yes, that band.)

5. I also used to play guitar and sing.  And write my own songs.  Yeah, haven’t done that for a long time.

6. I was never an athlete in middle school or high school.  In fact, I was about as far from that as possible.

7. The exception to that rule is basketball.  I used to shoot hoops almost everyday after school in middle school but hurt my knee and was never able to take it any further.

8. I have this strange desire to write a book someday.

9. I have bright blue eyes, as does the rest of my family.

10. When I was in high school, I used to do some modeling but had to stop because I’m too short – darn 5’5”.

11. HGTV is dangerous – it makes me want to buy a house and then spend all of my money fixing it up and making it look pretty.

Julie’s Questions

1. What world landmark would you most like to visit? I had the pleasure of visiting the Eiffel Tower a few years ago with my family but I would really like to get back to Europe and do a lot of exploring.  I have this draw to England and would love to see Big Ben someday.

 2. Which Olympic sport would you compete in (you would automatically possess the necessary skills)? Gymnastics, easy.  Or volleyball.  Or diving.

3. What is your favorite news source? (online, print, cable, satire, etc.) Online

4. What is your favorite or most effective way to relieve stress? A good run/workout and writing.

 5. What’s your best high school memory? Graduation? 😉

6. If you could only have access to one social media site, what would you choose? It kind of bothers me that I’m torn on this one…but I guess Facebook?

7. What’s your favorite holiday and why? Christmas.  It becomes a week-long celebration with many family gatherings.

8. What’s your dream date? I like long walks on the beach… 😉 haha! But honestly, I’m a fairly simple, girl-next-door type and I don’t need anything special.

9. How do you motivate yourself to work out after a long day? Well pretty simple answer, I don’t – that’s why I work out in the morning. ha!

10. If you could have any pet, what would it be? I grew up on cats and while I love them, I really want a puppy.

11. If you could travel back in time, when would you go and what would you do? There were reruns of Little House on the Prairie the other day and I paused briefly to watch.  It totally took me back to my childhood of watching the show, reading the books and visiting all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder homes.  So since that’s fresh in my memory, I guess that’s what I’d do.  And then I’d go meet Laura and hang out with her.  (Wow…I’m a nerd!)

Here’s where I’m going to break the rules.  Part because I’m lazy, part because I’ve been trying to write this for way too long and just can’t focus any longer (ha!), and part because I’m pretty sure I can do whatever I want.  I’m not going to nominate anyone.

Instead, I want to nominate each of you: so pick a few questions above and answer them in the comments! Or tell me a few fun facts about YOU!

5 thoughts on “I Break The Rules

  1. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning

    I love learning facts about people like this!
    In my 20s, I moved ALL the time. Actually after age 18 until about 27 I moved every single year! (All within the same vicinity- just different apartments). It feels good to stay put for now- although I’d move to Colorado in a heart beat if/when the opportunity presents itself!
    I was SO not an athlete in high school. Or college. I thought exercise was torture. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d go into the profession that I’m in now!

    1. admin Post author

      I never thought I’d do anything that wasn’t music…sure enough it only took 5 years out of college for me to move on!

      And yes, I too love Colorado and keep thinking about it, though I still have my eyes set on Boston.

  2. Natalie @ Free Range Human

    Great contest!

    1. I’m obsessed with all things English, so I would definitely visit something like the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace.

    2. I would compete in swimming. Hands down.

    3. I love history so it’s nearly impossible to pick where I would travel back to, but I think it would be sometime during the fight for women’s suffrage. I would love to be on the front lines with Alice Paul fighting for women’s rights!

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