I’m Sitting Up…for now

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I had some great content I wanted to share with you guys this week, but I’ve been down for the count with the flu and so it’s going to wait until next week. Meanwhile, there’s been lots of water, coconut water, soup, vitamin C and as much forced rest as I could to get myself to a place where I’m actually sitting up this morning typing this post. (No joke!)


I pushed through Monday as best I could, felt decent Tuesday and then hit real hard Wednesday and Thursday. My boss got the text Wednesday afternoon basically saying “I don’t know the protocol but I’m dying over here.” I wasn’t that dramatic with him, but you get the gist.


Since I’m sitting up so far today, I’m hoping to at least get a few hours of work under my belt and share this week’s fitness. I’m assuming you know not to expect too much… 😉


Friday 1/10

TIU love your abs

15 mins row machine (split into 5 mins before each round of TIU)

Saturday 1/11


Sunday 1/12

1.5 mile run

25 mins Advanced Forrest yoga

Monday 1/13

Strength – chest/triceps/abs

Tuesday 1/14

Rest – SICK

Wednesday 1/15

Rest – SICK

Thursday 1/16

Rest – SICK


I’m happy that some kind of movement happened this week and I’m hoping as my energy returns I can get back to the gym this weekend. Baby steps and definitely not going to force anything.


How was your week?

Have you guys checked out Fabletics yet? My order came over the weekend and I’m seriously already LOVING it!

7 thoughts on “I’m Sitting Up…for now

  1. Katie

    Take it easy girl. I’m sick too. Felt awful Saturday night and went to bed at 8, slept for 13 hours, cancelled my monday morning yoga class, felt decent tuesday, but thursday night I got my butt kicked again, and now I’m the sickest yet. No fun.

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