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It’s a rough morning.  Thoughts inside my head are swirling around at an uncontrollable rate and I can’t keep them all straight.  I can’t get my feet out the door for my planned 8 mile run.  This isn’t the first time this has happened through this training.


Maybe it’s the food I ate the night before not sitting well, maybe my body is tired and needs the extra rest, maybe I’m psyching myself out, maybe all of the above.


I accept my current state, I accept that an 8 mile run is not happening this morning and I hop in the shower, grab my laptop and head to Starbucks to write, to work, to push forward with all of the things I’m trying to accomplish in my life.  It’s busy, it’s chilly and despite my better judgement I chose to order an iced coffee.  Maybe I’m enjoying the last moments of summer (literally, as of 3:44 it’s fall) or maybe I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to drink.


I’ve popped ear buds in my ears and I’m trying to zone out, to listen to the music, to find my space, to reconnect and get myself back on track.  I’m not sure what happened this morning but the lack of motivation, the grumpiness, the whatever-you-want-to-call-this came on fast and I’m trying everything to push it away.


This is when music saves me.  It’s moments like this that I am so thankful that I have such a beautiful, amazing and heart-reaching outlet.  I’m even more thankful for this new Naked and Famous album, In Rolling Waves.

photo-11I had the pleasure of working with this band’s producer a few years ago and loved their album, Passive Me, Aggressive You. It’s so good and from what I’ve heard so far, In Rolling Waves is just as good.


I’m zoning out, I’m writing and I’m moving forward.  I can’t ask for anything more or anything better this morning.


What are you listening to this morning?

*In case you can’t tell, this Music Monday post was written Sunday morning – there’s no trying to deny that one.* 😉

5 thoughts on “In Rolling Waves

  1. Kalee

    Music helps me zone out too and (usually) get into a better mood. 🙂 I hope you are feeling better today/tomorrow since I’m writing this at night!

  2. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    I have been terrible with training the past TWO WEEKS! My leg is being weird and I’m hoping with some rest it will get better! The longest run I’ve done thus far was 6 miles…eek!

    Hope you get back into your training! I’m off to hop on the elliptical for a bit! 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      My longest run straight was 6 but I did 7 while at HLS broken up with the 5 miler and 2 miler, but I’d feel better if I got in my 8 miler last weekend…

  3. Katie

    I have heard of a lot of people are having that yucky feeling lately. Thanks for the music recommendation! I’m loving ZZ Ward lately. Whether I’m in a good mood or bad mood the music lifts me up.

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