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People have always asked me when I’m going to do a triathlon or marathon which always leaves me laughing.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really a swimmer and while I classify myself as a runner, my best distance is just over 6.5 miles.  With asthma and bad knees, I’ve never really felt that long distances were achievable or maybe the best decision for me.
This past weekend, there was the Savannah Marathon and the New York Marathon and reading about so many runners training, competing and finishing the marathon has left me feeling a little envious.  I want that high. I want that adrenaline rush.  I want that accomplishment.
I’ve mentioned how I’m training for the 10k at the beginning of December and I’m crossing my fingers all of my current health stuff doesn’t keep me from being able to compete.  It would be my first “race” with the goal to finish and say I’ve done a race, as well as getting more comfortable with that distance.
But after the envy of this weekends races, I want to look ahead and figure out how I can continue to develop myself as a runner and push my limits, while still staying within my means.  So I’m now toying with the idea of running a 1/2 marathon sometime next year.  I’d work really hard to find the proper training plan so as to not hurt my lungs or knee (or any other part of my body for that matter) but I’m feeling inspired to keep pushing forward.
The pain radiates through my body worse everyday and it’s hard to not let it get to me; it’s hard to not worry about all the worst case scenarios and what the next several months of my life could like (believe me, my imagination has gone wild and it hasn’t been pretty!).  With that, I have to do what I can to distract myself and set goals that get me excited.  
I couldn’t be more grateful for the inspiration that came over me this weekend.
**After reading my good friend’s blog the other evening, she decided that for the month of November, she’s posting something she’s grateful for; something as simple as a picture or quote or possibly something lengthy.  In the month that we come together and share what we’re grateful and thankful for, there seems to be no better way.  And it’s with that that I have decided to join her.  Will you join us? #gratefulseason