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I’m hopping a plan shortly to spend the week and weekend surrounded by musicians, allies, friends.


To be surrounded by those who share their feelings through music – whether personal, political, or something else.
It seems only fitting to share a petition with you today. I don’t often get political around here (and honestly often try to keep my opinions on that to myself) but this is worth sharing, for my love for music, my job and for all of my musician friends out there.
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If you’re interested, head over to irespectmusic.org to sign.
If you’re not, thank you for letting me share my opinion with you today.

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  1. Calee

    Thanks for posting htis. I had no idea that musicians didn’t get royalties for radio play! I’m strategic in who I play because of that. I think it’s especially important in this day and age that they get paid for play because I guarantee some stations are playing MP3 versions of music that they didn’t pay for.

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