Irish Boys

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Let me start by saying a belated Father’s Day to any and every father or father figure out there.  (And don’t worry, I didn’t forget to call my father and wish him a happy day.)

Anyway, today is Monday and that means I’m going to share you some new and / or amazing music that I think your ears need to hear.  In fact I’ve actually told you about this band before. (I’m not sure why the video won’t embed, but the link will take you to what you want to see! Same for the below video.)  But that was then and this is now.

This song isn’t new per se, but newly recorded and therefore newly rejuvenated and reintroduced to our ears.  And well worth sharing and recognizing again.  The song is called “Irish Boys” and the band is Bern and the Brights.

I first learned about this band back when I was living in New Jersey.  They were friends of friends and quickly made friends as they’re really cool people who play good music.  Does it get better?  Well it can only get better for you, if you give this song a listen.

Watch here live.

Listen here recorded.

Both worth the time.

Any indie bands you’re loving lately?

2 thoughts on “Irish Boys

  1. Calee @chimes

    I forgot that it was Father’s day too! My mom called me about 700 times last night wondering if I was okay because I never forget things like that. Our AC was out so we were wondering around aimlessly trying to find some relief.

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