Is blogging dead?

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I often find myself wondering, is blogging dead? I’ve shared about this before, at least in some capacity, of my desire for the “old” ways of blogging to return. The days when it felt like we actually connected with one another through our blogs; where the idea of blogging wasn’t simply about trying to provide value, but rather trying to find connection; where it felt less about the numbers and more about the people. 

And while I ask the question, I also know my answer: those days are dead.

Maybe there’s a chance they can make a comeback. Or at least a girl can dream, right? 

But I do. I dream. And I dream big. Always have. Probably always will. 

I dream of publishing books – big ones and small ones. 

I dream of opening my own physical yoga studio

I dream of opening my own coffee shop.

I dream of living in the mountains – or at least where I can walk out my door and see them every day.

I dream of working for myself.

I dream of marrying a loving, supportive, kind, and handsome partner.

I dream of traveling often. 

I dream of health, peace, and ease.

…and I’m really just getting started.

And so maybe blogging is dead, but I also dream of what it would be like if it wasn’t. If our words could help people in this kind of space again – without all of the worries if you’re being SEO friendly, without needing to hit just the right number of words for your post to make Google happy (FYI – I did not hit it), without the need to push it out to social media just to hope someone reads it. And you know how I’m feeling about social media right now. 

So is blogging dead? 

Sure, but maybe we can bring it back. With a few more voices bringing back the authenticity, maybe, just maybe it’s possible.