It hits different

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This year feels different. We’re going into our second year of a global pandemic; I’m still single; my dog’s anxiety is still a challenge; I’m still recovering from toxic mold exposure (though admittedly, I’ve made good progress); I’m still working a day job and taking action to grow my business. As you can see, things aren’t actually different, at least not yet, but my mentality is different. And that’s a win worth celebrating. 

I haven’t posted to this blog much in the last couple of years and that’s okay. I do want to return to more regular blogging and this space is going to be reserved for more of my deep thoughts and experiences so I can spend more time growing my yoga business and blogging for that over on I will say that it’s cool to see the analytics and ways in which people still find this space from my old content (hi, new friends).

This space used to be a hub for all the things that resonated within me. It was a safe space to write, share, grow, connect, and see what opportunities may come from it. Then blogging started changing and became a little less of a thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still totally a thing but now it’s all about using it to grow your business and while that’s something that I’m trying to do with yoga and meditation, I’m not looking for this space to be taken over in that capacity. I still want a safe space to write and see what comes of it so that’s what I’m doing here, however frequently or infrequently that may occur.

So back to this year…maybe I’m alone in feeling the shift but I really hope I’m not. I hope you feel the positivity and the possibility that this year can (and I truly feel deep in my bones will) bring. I feel that this is the year my business will really start to take off; I believe this year I will have new opportunities to grow into the business of my dreams; I believe this is the year that I will be able to step into the life that I’ve always dreamed of living. 

Today is the eve of the launch of my very own podcast, The Soul Connection Podcast, and I’m so excited for it! I’ve wanted to start a podcast for many years; before it seemed like everyone and their mother was starting a podcast, but no idea ever felt quite right so I waited. Then spring 2021, I launched a show with my team at my day job and I’ve found it to be so fun! I enjoy getting to produce and edit new episodes; I love getting to hop on the mic and record; I love getting to see the growth (however big or small); I love the possibility that it brings to our team. It’s been really cool to witness and I started to feel the itch within myself to actually get my own show off the ground and so after some much-needed soul searching, I landed on the idea that actually felt right. It’s a show of short guided meditations followed by a journal prompt for self-reflection, helping to tap into our true soul connection. It’s so fitting and feels so good. 

I know I can’t do everything but I’m also seeing some more growth over on my YouTube channel so while I’m keeping it going, I’m cutting back to 2 classes per month (the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month – #FlowFridays, if you will). 

The virtual studio has been slow growing but I’m hopeful this year it will shift to being a place that people better see, understand, and feel called to join. I’m working on a 28-day program that will help people tap into their connection and develop consistency of these practices so then they don’t feel as if they’re navigating the studio and these practices alone. I hope it will be a catalyst to help more women who are feeling disconnected and stuck in that stressed-out, burnt-out cycle. 

I really believe in the work I do and the work I share with others because I’ve seen these practices help me over and over and over again. I know the more consistent I am, the better I feel, so now it’s my mission to help others know, see, and live it as well.

So I feel this year is different. I feel this is the year all these things start to click with people; that I find the people who truly need and will benefit from my work, but even more so, will be open to receiving it. I’m excited for this year. I’m excited to see what it has to offer, what good it will bring, and the abundance of it all. 2022 just hits different, y’all. Do you feel it?