It’s a mental challenge too….

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Officially 11 days in and I think the initial “glow” is wearing off and this challenge is becoming more mental for me.  I succeeded at my task to focus and let go during last night’s Restorative Flow but was definitely looking forward to getting back to a nice sweaty flow.  My morning started out rather rough and I feared for the direction my day was going to go and was pleasantly surprised when it turned itself around, making this morning more of a minor setback.  I found I was being calmer and getting less frustrated with people and events that generally really aggravate me.  Instead, I was being open to taking on additional responsibilities that I thought would help everyone, including making my life easier down the road.  I left work in a good mood, stopped at the bank and continued onto yoga.
…I think I forgot how difficult last week’s class was with Chani.  I looked back at my post-flow notes and I definitely noted the difficulty of the class, but boy it got me today.  It was physically challenging for sure but what I struggled with today was the mental challenge.  The process of letting go, focusing and breathing felt like a nearly impossible task.  My brain kept floating away and going to another thought (including craving frozen yogurt?!).  It was strange.  I left feeling like a got a decent workout but frustrated and without my usual yoga glow.
I decided to stop and feed into my frozen yogurt craving (I’ve been good so it was okay) and then came home.  After a frustrating drive home, making me realize just how much I dislike driving since I moved to LA, I paused to question if selling my car is an option.  Maybe? But not now.
And THANKFULLY I had good news awaiting me today: Tracey and Laura are coming to California at the beginning of June!! 😀 
It’s such an awesome coincidence that Tracey’s best friend from high school (ME) and Laura’s best friend from high school (Jenny) both live in the LA area and have requested their presence, AND they were able to make it happen!  I’m super excited to have a couple days off in the beginning of June and be able to spend time with the two of them, especially before they leave for Spain later this year. Thank you to Tracey and Laura for making my day – I needed that! 

Tracey and I when her and Laura visited me while I was living in NY

Tracey and Laura during their trip to NY 🙂

I can’t wait to see you guys soon!! 🙂