It’s GO Time, Baby!

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Things just don’t stop.  The days are going faster and have left before I even had a moment to realize they started.  Did someone decide to make time go by faster without letting me know?  Somedays I feel like I’m going in slow motion while everything else is zooming on around me.
It’s not a bad thing, per se.  I’m just tired with a lot of things on my mind and that I want to do but I feel like time is going by before I’ve had a chance to actually do them.
I’m sure the extra work this week isn’t helping but I love my job and I especially love launch weeks.  They are exhausting but so much fun and exhilarating.  There’s so much  adrenaline pumping throughout the store, it’s contagious.  I just hope it’s enough to keep us pushing through all.night.long.  Again.
Thankfully Starbucks VIA Ready Brew packets came to save the day when my iced coffee yesterday was far from coffee-ish.  (Someone definitely brewed it incorrectly and I’m pretty sure my two cups of iced coffee yesterday afternoon / evening were only 1/2 brewed.  But I chose not to say anything the second time and just added a packet of VIA to make it super strong and pushed through the evening.)
And while there are so many things I would love to talk about today, I must make this short as I want to get in a quick workout, stop at the bank, grocery store and Staples before baking the rest of the cookies for tonight’s crew (gotta take care of my peeps!) and hopefully squeezing in a nap before going into work.  It’s GO time, baby!

Ready to RUN!