Jamestown Revival “California”

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This song came up on Spotify the other day. I’m pretty sure I’d heard it before but when I heard it this time, there was something that really struck me. It was like it hit a chord and I had to make note to listen to it again later.

And listen to it later I did. But this time I pulled the lyrics up and read as I listened. I was immediately brought to tears as I found my heart being drawn to each line, relating it to my life, my experiences, my time in California, my trip to get to get there, my time since leaving and where I am in my life now.

I love when music does that.

“Lately, I’ve been feeling low

Things been moving slow

I could not tell you why

Maybe too much paradise”


“Something came calling and I knew this time I had to go

Three months down the road

I would up in a land of gold

I was head strong with an open eye

And a wanderer’s alibi”


“It was a winding mountain road

Where the sun shine and the air is cold

Another tired town

Where them old folks hang around

They look me in the eye and try to pass me down on what they know”


“Someday I’ll be coming home

Someday I’ll be coming home

With a cast iron soul”


What are you listening to this week?

Any music that’s really speaking to you?