Japan Crisis Relief

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All we know are the images we see on the internet, on our TVs, in the paper, but none of us can truly know and understand the devastation going on in Japan right now.  It feels like with each day, we are filled with more devastating information and images.  It absolutely breaks my heart and I’m sure it does yours as well.  Not to mention, it makes us feel helpless and wonder how can we help?  
The easiest way that we can help is to make a donation to an organization that is trying to help, like the American Red Cross.  I know there are others also making a difference, and I’m sure you’ll find them if you do a quick Google search, but I’ve seen the American Red Cross in action (after an apartment building in one of my old apartment complexes caught fire, they were there and supporting the affected families) and know my money is going to the right place.
With that said, below are a few ways you can donate to the American Red Cross.  A few of them are fun but still for an amazing cause.
  • Some coworkers of mine are in a band called Colin Green.  They did a remix of the song “We Become Light” for their friends The Secret Satellite.  All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross in support of Japan.  http://bit.ly/WeBecomeLight 
  • If you go into the iTunes store, directly on the home page is a picture that says ‘Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. Donate Here’
  • Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10