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Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon and living in (a suburb of) Chicago, I definitely wish I could have been there to really feel the energy.  But lucky for me, I woke up just in time to see them start and watched for a bit as I ate my breakfast.  And then I set out for my own marathon run.

Okay okay, so it wasn’t a marathon but it may have been one of the hardest runs I’ve had in awhile.  It was one of those harder runs that really allow us to appreciate the great ones.  And regardless, I was able to persevere and finish strong.  Mission accomplished.

While we’re talking about running, how many of you have heard of

 For those of you who don’t know or maybe don’t know too much about it, is a website (and mobile app) that picks music for you based on the pace you’re running (or walking).

So while I’m out running, the app is searching music on my iPhone that matches my pace, whether I speed up or slow down.  Or if you’d rather set the pace (9:30 mile, etc), then it will pick music based on that to help you stay on pace.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s what the website has to say:

The website also allows you to search and purchase music based on the pace to help fill up your device with appropriate music.

I’ve used the on a couple of occasions and really enjoyed it.  For one, since it’s doing the work (from my whole library of music on my phone) and I’m not choosing one of my set playlists, I’m hearing songs I haven’t listened to or run to for awhile.  That whole “bored with this playlist” can’t happen nearly as often.

You can also use the app in correlation with the Nike+ GPS app which is great for me.  The company recommends using the Nike+ app in the background to the app.  When I’m running at the gym or around my neighborhood this is fine, but when it came to last week’s Run for the Bear 5k, there would have been too much phone messing around after the start button went off so I just stuck with a playlist and the Nike+ app.

Regardless though, I love the idea of this website and app and can’t wait to see it continue to grow and integrate with more with other fitness apps.

Have you ever used the website or app?  

What did you think?

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      I haven’t tried it when I’m lifting but you could definitely use the website to purchase new songs to create a new playlist.

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