July 2019 Goals

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We made it to July! I’ve mentioned several times that I totally overbooked my June, so to be totally honest, I’m embracing July and what I hope will be a (mostly) return to my normal routine. I have a trip back home planned for a weekend, but other than that, it will hopefully be life as normal…at least as close as I get to that. 😉 

When setting my goals for this new month, I’m really trying to tap into more of what I WANT, more of the things that bring me joy, and more things that keep moving forward to the life that I ultimately want for myself. I set a few goals that have been reoccurring but I hope to continue with or that they’ll finally be something that gets a little more attention. Before I get ahead of myself though, let’s take a look at my goals from June.

Run Ragnar race – Check! This was seriously SO MUCH FUN! I want to do a road Ragnar now, anyone want to join me? I’m also finding myself wanting to go camping and spend more time in nature. Before this weekend, I hadn’t been camping since I was a kid but it reminded me that while sleeping on the ground may not be comfortable, it’s nice to be outside and connect with yourself in that space.
See my Family – Check! I made it back home for a very quick day trip to see Hamilton in Chicago with my parents and sister. The show was so good. My parents also came up yesterday for a quick trip/detour on their way to visit my sister.
Attend yoga 1x/week – I can’t believe it, but I did it! I’m so proud of myself and it was so nice to get back on my mat. I have been reminded that my yoga home in Grand Rapids is still a bit TBD, but it was nice to return to my mat a bit as a student. (Also, I need to prioritize taking classes where I teach because it will submerse me in the community even more but also it’s free. ha!)
Writing date 1x/week – This didn’t happen. I’ve been blogging more which COULD count, but it’s not really the kind of thing I’m talking about here, so this is debatable, I guess.
Read 4 books – I only read one, but to be honest, I have 3 other books going. Hopefully, I can finish a few of those this coming month.

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I was venting to a friend the other day about some emotions I was working through, feelings of failure and insecurity over the things I've done in my life/career/etc. I'll save you the details, but she came back at me pretty hard (in a beautiful way) of all the things I've done/am doing now to follow the work that's close to my heart, sets my soul on fire, while also doing what I need to do to make ends meet and function in society. ⬆ Then I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and it reminded me of that conversation with my friend. While I'm over in my corner of life doubting my abilities and what I've done, there are other people who think I'm kicking ass, who are cheering me on, and yes, maybe even some intimidated by my drive. ➡ I'm not for everyone and the way I live my life isn't for everyone. Love me for who I am and be my cheerleader while I make shit happen or politely excuse yourself. Meanwhile, I'll be over here cheering YOU on too! 🙌

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Now, let’s breakdown what I’m working towards in July. This month I’m setting a few more goals than normal…

Get a pedicure – hoping this will be my special self-care
Read 4 books – time to get back on track
Weekly writing date – Not just blogging…
Gain clarity on some future plans – vague, but worth noting
Yoga 1x/week (at least) – I bought a 10 pack to a studio I used to practice at so between that and the studios I teach, I hope to make this happen
Invest in my yoga business – I’m already committed to doing this but listing it out here is just another form of accountability
Prioritize healing – in so many ways, but also, I know it’s vague

What goals are you working towards in July? How can I help hold you accountable?

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  1. Kim

    You had a great June and I bet July with be even better! A pedicure is a summer must right? I need to get that in sometimes soon! Hope the writing happens for you too! Have a great week!
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  2. ShootingStarsMag

    Great job on your June goals. I hope July is another fantastic month, though hopefully not as busy/hectic. I am so jealous you got to see Hamilton. It’s still on my bucket list! LOL I really need to do more writing – and not blog writing either!

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  3. Anthea

    Well done on your June goals!
    I also need to make more time for writing – I have such good intentions but then life gets busy! I need to set aside the time and just do it.
    Hope you get your pedicure – always nice to be pampered 🙂
    Anthea recently posted…July goals and mantrasMy Profile

  4. Beth

    You did great in June! I like your July goals, especially getting a pedicure, that is definitely self care and self care is super important!

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