July 2020 Goals

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Anyone else in this total heatwave? The last couple weeks of straight 90+ degree days have been tough around here. I’ve learned this summer (maybe more than ever before) that I don’t enjoy the heat and in fact, it makes me quite cranky. haha! While I have a portable AC unit in my house, it’s not really enough to keep this place cool and sometimes I question if it’s working until the pup and I go outside and come back to feel that it’s definitely cooler in here. Let’s just say, I’m ready for fall. 

There’s been a lot going on over here and I’m definitely in a place of feeling like the Universe is calling me to make some serious changes and dial down to what’s really important. I’m sure I’ll share more soon, but for today, I just want to talk about my goals and intentions for July. I’m trying to focus my goals and intentions on actually ensuring they’re helping me move forward in the areas of my life I want to move forward. Whether that be in my job, focusing my business, something more personal, etc. 

First, let’s take a look back at June…

June 2020 Goals


-15-20 mins of yoga every single day – I did it!
-Pass NASM coaching exam – Check!
-Release 7 day morning routine challenge – Yep!
-Read 3 books – Yes, but I wanted one of these to be a book to help be a better ally to BIPOC and while I started it, I haven’t finished it yet
-Complete TIU Summer Tone Up – Yes! Though they extended it an extra 2 weeks so technically this finished late last week
-Drink 80oz of water daily – Yes
-Complete NRC “Get Started” training – This did not happen. I started it but had to stop as running has been extremely tough and exhausting on my body right now
-Use Start Today Priority planner – Yes, and trying to figure out if I’ll continue using it. It’s only a 3-month planner, so I’ll probably finish this out and then keep what works and let go of what doesn’t in my usual planner

Now for my goals and intentions for July…

July 2020 Goals

-Follow Body Mind Soul studio calendar (I’m so excited about this online yoga studio)
-Figure out my mold detox plan (I’ll likely talk about this more soon…)
-Read 3 books
-Send clothes to ThredUp (They’re already packed and ready to go!)
-Start going through things to throw away in my house (I started with some old file boxes over the weekend)
-Enjoy my nature getaway
-Start to re-launch my YouTube channel
-Finalize components of my online course to launch in August

What are you focusing on this month?