June 2020 Intentions

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With so much happening in the world right now, finding the words to write this blog post feels a bit unnecessary, but words are how I’ve found clarity for so many years. While I’m not here to write out how I’m processing, learning, and trying to understand the events of the current climate of the world, my hope is that words in general will help me get closer to the words that I need for that.

What’s interesting is that while I wrote out these goals and decided on my word for June in a morning of inspiration before May came to a close, it’s only after the first 3 days of June that my word feels more important than I could have known at that time. 


I talk so much about wanting to help others. I see my path of teaching yoga and meditation as a journey to help others. Yoga is great for your body and health, and I will never deny that, but I’ve never been the teacher focused around “yoga as fitness.” And I don’t say this to take away from any who do. I love yoga as part of my fitness plan, but yoga has always been more than that for me from the very first day. I want you to GET something out of my yoga classes. I want you to find a greater level of kindness – for yourself and others. I want you to feel connection – to yourself and others. I want you to feel the benefits of yoga that settle so deep into our bones. I want you to feel the value that yoga provides, and I want to help provide that to you. I want to be valuable. 

Maybe that doesn’t make much sense today, but that’s okay. I’m processing 2020 and we all know, there’s a lot to process and it won’t always make sense. Now, before we dive into my intentions for the month ahead, let’s take a look at May.

May 2020 Goals

Intention: Ride the wave 

-Finish creating my program and decide on launch date – I’m still working on this…
-Read 4 books – Check!
-Create client verbiage document – Check! It’s been started!
-Connect daily on Instagram – I tried.
-Drink at least 80 ounces of water per day – Check!
-Complete Running Reset Training – Not really. I did it for 5 or 6 weeks, repeating week 2 and 3 multiple times, then started a different program.
-Attend virtual development conference – and I LOVED it!
-Complete the work for my NASM CE Coaching course – Done

June 2020 Intentions


-15-20 mins of yoga every single day (choose style/flow based on how my body feels)
-Pass NASM coaching exam
-Release 7 day morning routine challenge
-Read 3 books – at least one will be learning to support being a better ally to the black community
-Complete TIU Summer Tone Up
-Drink 80oz of water daily
-Complete NRC “Get Started” training
-Use Start Today Priority planner

What are you working towards this month?