Do You Know An Inspiring Woman?

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I can’t believe it’s already October, though admittedly, I feel like I say that every single month. it’s true though! This year has flown by, at the same time though, I am not complaining in the least.

I usually start my month by sharing my goals and while I promise that is coming (tomorrow), today I want to talk about something else and ask for your help on something…


I have a new idea brewing and while for the time being I am going to keep the details a secret, I am reaching out today in an effort to gain stories. What kind of stories?

Stories about inspiring women!

When I mentioned this to a friend over the weekend, she said, “that’s so broad!” Yes, I know and you know what? It’s supposed to be! I don’t want to limit the kinds of stories I receive because likely if you found someone’s story to be inspiring, someone else will too!

So whose story could you share?


Maybe it’s your mom, sister, best friend, a friend of a friend, an author, a podcaster, an acquaintance…in fact, it could even be your own (no shame)! Are you getting the gist? It doesn’t matter! I’m just searching out stories.

For example, since sending this out to my email list over the weekend, I’ve already received stories about a nun, a girl who moved for love, a girl who got her dream job out of college, a girl who is battling an aggressive illness…there is no limit or specific direction for these stories, I am just seeking these out.

Find the submission form HERE.

It doesn’t take much time and until I seek permission, details of stories are confidential so if you want to share but are feeling a bit timid, know that your (or someone else’s) details won’t be sent out to the world without permission.

I’m not looking for stories from “famous” people, though that doesn’t mean if you know someone “famous” who may be willing to share their story, that I don’t want to hear it. I want to hear stories about women from all backgrounds, races, ages, etc….everyone. The only caveat is that it’s a woman with an inspiring story.

Share your inspiring story HERE. Please?

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Now it only seems fitting to finish off this post with a song from an amazing female musician: Mia Dyson. I sure hope she comes out with a new album soon!

Do you know a woman with an inspiring story?

Linking up with Katie because inspiring stories truly are marvelous!

23 thoughts on “Do You Know An Inspiring Woman?

  1. Mandie

    I actually just started a podcast about inspiring people! This is the third week of interviews, and so far two have been women – the first one, and this week’s! Check it out at my blog, and I am sure that either Malynda or Danika would love to share their stories with you! And stay tuned for future episodes, because I have three more inspiring women lined up!

    1. Katie Post author

      That is fantastic! I look forward to checking it out! I am glad there are others who share a similar passion in life! I’ve been working away at this behind the scenes for awhile now and it is inspiring to see other women challenging the status quo and changing the world. You go, girl!

  2. Neely

    I think my mom is the most inspiring woman alone. She built a business on her own from scratch at 54

  3. Sarah

    I love the idea that you’re sharing stories of real women! There are so many wonderful women to look up to right around us! Can’t wait to see where this goes!

  4. Stephanie Jeannot

    That is so sweet. With so many inspiring women in my life, I wouldn’t now who to choose. My amazing mom. My incredibly talented and successful sisters. Not sure. Gotta think about this one!

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