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We had more rain on Saturday. Thankfully this thunderstorm didn’t lead to me spending nearly 2 hours curled up on the floor in my closet with pillows, my laptop and phone letting family know I was safe, but that the tornado sirens were still blaring outside my windows.

And as long as storms don’t reach that capacity, I enjoy rainy days, especially when they happen over the weekend and it means I can curl up in my chair with a cup of hot coffee or tea (or both) and just write.

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Honestly, I think rainstorms, aside from making me want to curl up under a blanket and watch a movie, they bring out my creativity. As I sat there writing on Saturday, I also found myself drawn to all sorts of other creative projects, whether that be photography, sewing or music. It’s almost like a landslide of creativity, as the water rushes through the sky, so do the creative juices through my blood.

To make it even better, I found the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day as I pulled up “Landslides” by Zara Kershaw. The music filled my ears (blocking out the beeping smoke detector somewhere in the building – don’t worry, I submitted a ticket to maintenance to replace) and I wanted nothing more than to just spend my day inside and soaking up as much of my creative side as I could.

As much as I love to write and it provides a major escape for me, I’m coming to realize that I still need other creative outlets that I don’t also tie to some other form of “work” or larger, almost career-like goal, if that makes sense. When I step outside the music industry on a career level, I find my pull into music to be greater, in terms of my reaction to the music and lyrics and how it makes me feel overall.

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What was the soundtrack to your weekend?

How do you release creative energy?

18 thoughts on “Landslides

  1. Nellwyn

    Rainstorms (and snowstorms) definitely make me more productive creatively. When I don’t want to be outside I’m much more disciplined about staying at my computer and getting writing done.
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  2. Susie @ Suzlyfe

    Who was it that said never make your passion your work? I find that to be a little bit harsh, but I do understand. We definitely all need a place that is still “ours” in the midst of everything. Sometimes, I think rain reminds us of our need to just be inside ourselves from time to time.
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    1. Katie Post author

      Agreed! I have a hard time finding that balance sometimes, but I’m working on it. I did find though that in college, the more I was criticized in my music and singing, the less fun it became so I had to refocus how my musical career could be. I know I’m not doing anything with it now, but that’s another story for another day… 😉

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