Learning to Love Your Body for Women’s Health and Fitness – Weekly Workout #33

On my Instagram today I’m sharing a story about a woman who came into Lole over the weekend, but I think it’s so important because it really brings up the idea of women’s health and fitness that I wanted to talk about again here for our Weekly Workout post. This woman was coming in because she wanted to return an online purchase. She said she’s usually a small but this particular item was way too tight for her, even in a small. She mentioned to me that it made her feel really poorly about herself and it really hurt my heart to hear this woman say that. 

I would imagine this woman was around my mom’s age and it wasn’t just about the piece of clothing, but the fact that she was giving this piece of clothing power over her emotions. Power over how she felt about her body. The thing is, sizes vary from company to company, and to be totally honest, also from garment type to garment type. Just because you’re a small in one, doesn’t mean you may go somewhere else and be a large. Sure the lack of consistency can be annoying, but it doesn’t change the fact that that’s the way thing is. Your worth and love for your body is not measured around your clothing size. I’ll say that again for y’all in the back…

Your worth and love for your body is not measured around your clothing size.

I’m a firm believer that if we’re taking care of bodies and minds, then our health will fall into place. If we’re making eating well and incorporating fitness a priority, then everything else settles where it’s supposed to. You and I could eat and move in exactly the same way and our bodies can (and will) still look different. So in honor of all of the wonderful and amazing women (and men) who are ready to take care of their health and fitness, I thought I would share some ways to learn to love your body just how it is, in this moment.

  • Don’t compare – it’s not easy but worth it!
  • Focus on your accomplishments – big and small
  • Learn to take a compliment – thank you!
  • Positive self-talk & affirmations – “I am strong and beautiful”
  • Learn to compliment others
  • Focus on the positives
  • Stop fantasy thinking – you won’t be “happier” just because you lost 10 pounds
  • Heal your relationship with food
  • Move your body – in any way that you please
  • Seek support – friends, family, a professional

Now, let’s move on to last week’s workouts and how I move MY body to feel good in my skin!

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Friday night I had the opportunity to co-lead an amazing group of yogis through 108 Sun Salutations to bring in the summer solstice and celebrate International Yoga Day. It was such a beautiful experience. 💜 These wonderful people came in a bit nervous but also excited and open to the experience. I am grateful for their energy, their willingness to be lead, and their hearts. 💜 It astounds me how much this practice can give to me, as a student but also as a teacher. I'm really re-committing myself to MY practice as a student. I was speaking with the other teacher that night about how her practice has also fallen to the side. I'm learning more and more, this is common with instructors just as much as it's common with students. Ahem…because we're ALL students! 💜 We find ourselves caught up in a season of life that pulls us away from our mats, but then we realize it's missing and start to walk back towards the practice. That's the season I'm in. I'm walking back, somedays pretty slowly, but others, I can't get there fast enough. 💜 Thank you to the wonderful humans who joined me and helped me remember why I love this practice so freaking much!

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Monday 6/17:

Tuesday 6/18:
3:00 at 10k pace (9:30)
2:30 at 10k pace 6.3 treadmill
2:00 at 5k pace (9:10)
1:30 at 5k pace 6.5 treadmill
1:00 at mile pace (8:30) 7.0 treadmill
:30 as fast as you can 8.0 treadmill
90-second recovery between each interval at 5.0

Wednesday 6/19:

Thursday 6/20:
2-3 mile run at Tempo pace (9:45)
3 rounds abs:
15 side body bends @ 15#/15 Romanian twists @ 15#
Finisher: Plank hold as long as possible

Friday 6/21:
6am yoga @ funky
108 sun salutations

Saturday 6/22:
2-mile run – recovery (11:00)
5-mile walk w/a friend

Sunday 6/23:
7.2-mile run

How are you loving your body? 

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  1. Beth

    I love this and I loved your Instagram post too. We are so much more than what is on the label that we wear! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Betsy

    Yes! Such an important message. The “size” of the clothes should not matter or have any power over our self-worth.

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