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When I participated in my 30 Day Yoga Challenge a few years ago, I tried a restore class, not really knowing what to expect. My initial reaction was that this class was wayyyyy too slow. I couldn’t sit there for 90 minutes and be with my own thoughts and holding poses for minutes at a time. That was until I went back to the class the following week and discovered my love for taking those quiet moments to breathe, meditate and just BE.

10152612_10100151480548769_6792175162870970109_nOne of the poses we would put ourselves in and hold was legs up the wall. This pose turned out to be one of my favorites and I would find myself taking quiet time at home with my legs up the wall, just breathing and living in that moment. Something I need to remind myself to do more often NOW.


Some of the benefits of Legs-Up-The-Wall pose are*:

  • Relieves tired or cramped legs and feet
  • Gently Stretches the back, legs, front torso, and back of the neck
  • Relieves mild backache
  • Calms the mind/anxiety
  • Relieves symptoms of mild depression & insomnia
  • Alleviates menstrual cramps


Sold yet?


Next time I complain about any of the above (and let’s get real, I suffer from many of those, at least from time to time), tell me to get my butt to floor and throw my legs up the wall. πŸ˜‰


What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Do you practice regularly?

Let’s get real, lately it’s been one of the biggest struggles to get myself to do yoga, even though I know how beneficial it is for my mind AND body!

*Source: YogaJournal & CNY Healing Arts


6 thoughts on “Legs Up The Wall

  1. Calee

    Love that pose. In fact, I need to start doing that again, but I have tile floor, soooo …

    I didn’t realize it was a yoga pose, but it is one of the most restorative stretches I did for PT 5 years ago with the IT band injury.

  2. Tina Muir

    Interesting, I am gonna give that a try actually. We have not done that pose at my yoga studio, but we do have the option for reversing the blood flow at some point in most classes! Waterfall feels so good for that. Thanks for sharing!

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