Let’s Talk: The Thigh Gap

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Somehow it’s already October 1st and while I can hardly believe it, I’m not going to waste any time, I want to dive right into a pretty serious topic…the thigh gap.

thigh gap

We’ve all heard people talk about the thigh gap, it’s a topic that seems to come up in the media over and over again and even now that we’re facing all this talk about the waist trainer (oh dear, please don’t even get me started), I couldn’t hold back addressing this topic any longer.

First and foremost, I guess I should start by saying that I get it. Many many years ago, I too wanted that gap between my thighs. I saw other girls have it and didn’t understand why I didn’t. I didn’t see my legs in a very good light but I’m not that person anymore.

With growing up, so did my perspective and view of my body. I started seeing the things that I once criticized in a whole new light.

Those thighs that don’t touch? 

They’re strong and powerful. They carry me throughout the day; they help me run mile after mile; they help me achieve a new PR on my squat.


And that only skims the surface. So who cares if there isn’t some superficial space in between them? I’m at a point now in my life where I would rather they touch; I would rather them be strong and beautiful for how they were made.

So what’s my point of this all?

I want the thigh gap talk to stop. I want to stop hearing people wishing and striving for that. I want to stop hearing people (especially those my age) reference it like it’s a sign of health…News Flash! All of our bodies are different and as such, health and strength looks a bit different in each of us.

[ctt title=”All of our bodies are different – health and strength looks a bit different in each of us.” tweet=”All of our bodies are different – health and strength looks a bit different in each of us. http://ctt.ec/wbz7C+ via @talkless_saymor” coverup=”wbz7C”]


I want to see people embrace their gorgeous bodies for what they are – GORGEOUS!

I want to see the shift back to HEALTH and away from fads.

I want to see us lifting one another up for our differences vs. tearing each other down.

To me it seems simple enough but it’s going to take an army, a community, a movement. It’s going to take us all putting our feet down and saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Won’t you join me?

Now tell me – what are your thoughts on the thigh gap?

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: The Thigh Gap

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  3. Kanoelani

    I used to have unreasonable expectations about how I wanted my body to look. And then I started my weight loss journey & realized I just want to LIVe The best way possible & the longest. I want Health not perfection. Plus these thighs Will always touch haha just the way I’m built. They are thick but I love me & it’s taking a long time to do that. Self love is needed so much more than all this other garbage. Teach ppl… Help ppl to love & be kind to themselves. And with my medical stuff now all I still want is health. I may be on Weight loss journey but I want health. Thanks for this topic!

    1. Katie Post author

      HEALTH is what’s most important in my book as well! Lots of love to you girlie and hoping you get your medical stuff cleared up asap!

  4. Miss Polkadot

    All of these ‘trends’ – thigh gap, bikini bridge and others I forgot the names of – turn me off. They’re promoting the unhealthiest behaviours [to reach those ‘goals’] as signs of beauty when they couldn’t be further from that. I’m with you on focussing on all we can do rather than on appearance.

    1. Katie Post author

      Ugh, they’re just awful! I swear it feels like there’s always some new trend and it just gets more and more disgusting!

  5. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    I hate this thigh gap nonsense… especially since it usually has more to do with our bone structure than anything else. At the end of the day, I want strong healthy legs that let me live my life. I went through a long period during my ED where my even the smallest amount of activity would leave me sore for days, and I don’t ever want to go back to feeling fatigued and weak all the time.

    1. Katie Post author

      I think the bone structure thing was something I fought for YEARS, I just didn’t think that was the answer or more so, I just didn’t want to believe it. Now, I just embrace my body and all it’s curves and imperfections. They’re there for a reason! 🙂

  6. Alexandra @ My Urban Family

    Everyone is built so differently. In college I played multiple sports and was always on the move – I was also a size 2 at the time (I’m super short too, so not an unhealthy size 2) and I’m pretty sure even then I didn’t have a thigh gap. If you’re using your legs for any type of exercise/movement often, I wouldn’t think most people would have that gap. It’s all about being healthy and feeling healthy though!

  7. Megan

    I’m in! When I have a moment while looking in the mirror, it passes quickly when I think about the things that my legs do for me; the miles they have run, the things they have helped me lift. I would rather have legs that could carry my little girls up or down a mountain than have a thigh gap. Perspective, people!

  8. Katerina

    I am currently in the midst of fighting for a healthier mind and body – I am striving to finally accept my body for what it is and what it won’t be. I used to think that the thigh gap was the most important thing in the world. That guys loved that sort of thing. WHAT THE HELL! When did I start caring so damn much about how my thighs looked or how I looked in general…how could I let society dictate to me how to run my life! I honestly blame the internet (especially instagram) for turning body image into such a negative outlook.

    I want to love my body just the way it is…so i’m definitely with ya girl!


    1. Katie Post author

      Isn’t it crazy when we look back and realize how far we’ve come? I’ve learned over the years the my legs (something I used to hate on) are actually something that guys I’ve dated really like about me.

  9. Emily

    I have never had skinny thighs, but I’ve been learning to appreciate the way God made my body and embrace it instead of wishing I had thinner thighs. I’ve learned to appreciate that they’ve carried me through a couple marathons, half marathons, weight lifting, and everyday tasks to serve my King! <333 So I love the fact that I don't have a thigh gap. 🙂

  10. Kelsey

    Growing up as a dancer, I was one of a few in my class who had powerful thighs. Many of the girls were tall, or slender, and that just wasn’t the case for me. I remember starting to do workout DVDs, with the hopes “it” would shrink and I’d mirror those girls in my dance class. And there may have been a point in my life where it was sort of achieved – when I was finally in a size 4. As much as people celebrate that, looking back on those photos is scary for me. I am SO MUCH happier with who I am today, and the journey I took to get here. I can honestly say CrossFit has changed my life in such a positive way. I now know my thighs are what provided me with power in so many lifts/barbell movements – they are probably the reason why I love box jumps and wall balls so much. Thanks girl, for sharing this. <3

    1. Katie Post author

      YES! YES, YES, YES!! CrossFit was also HUGE for my self image and just continued the process of knowing and loving my body exactly how it is!

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