Letters from Management

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A good friend of mine started a blog a few months ago called Letters from Management.    We used to live in the same building (he still lives there), and our manager, while sweet and caring, has quite the personality and is known for leaving some pretty hilarious notes and memos on our doors and around the building.  Since I moved out of the building, I’m pretty sure the letters got funnier and he decided to start a blog to share these letters with everyone.  He’s also made it an open forum, where you can submit the funny letters that your management posts.
While the managers of my building don’t often post letters that are that funny, after getting the carpet steamed yesterday, there was one that made me laugh that I sent over to Dan, which he decided to include on his site.  Make you sure you check it out: http://lettersfrommgmt.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/we-will-find-you/
Anyway, I haven’t received any information back from management about my reduced rent proposal but I have been moving forward in my apartment redecoration, reorganization and remodel.  And I can not describe to you all, just how excited I am about it.  I’ve bought all the “expensive” pieces (aka furniture) and I’ve only used 1/2 of my budget!  I put one of the bookshelves together yesterday and put it in place and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to post my before and after pictures for everyone to see!
In other news, I have a bad feeling about something that I just cant shake. And to make it worse I have no idea what it’s about. I have a couple ideas and I don’t like either, particularly one. But is this just me being paranoid? Quite possibly. But also possibly not. 
When peoples behavioral change, it’s very easy to look into that change to mean something because it often does. Especially of they’re afraid of hurting someone or dont know how to handle the situation. But the possibility is still there I dont know what I’m talking about. But let me just say my walls are going up and I’m preparing myself to deal with the worst in any scenario that may come my way right now and figuring out how I can and should handle things. 
But I’m also not enjoying this feeling so I’d really like to find out what’s going on so I can deal with it and move on…