Life Is Short

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Life is short.

This is something we all know.  And unfortunately, it’s something we are reminded of all too frequently.

It’s my goal to keep things positive around here.  At least as positive as I can while sharing my honest journey, but it doesn’t feel right to not talk about what happened in Colorado.  Especially when it hit so close to home, literally.

As with the rest of you, I was sad to hear about the shooting in Aurora, CO the other night.  As with the rest of you, I felt terrible for any of the family and friends who lost their loved ones.  As with the rest of you, I am praying for those injured to strengthen and be able to walk away from this.  As with the rest of you, I was bothered and frightened by the story of the man who did this and by the apartment in which he lived.  As with the rest of you, I went through a list in my head of people I know currently or who once lived in the Denver area so that I could make sure they were okay.

And when my list checked off, I was relieved but it didn’t last long.  Social media is a powerful tool to share information, whether good or bad.  I started seeing my Facebook timeline fill up with news of a man from my hometown, from my high school, who graduated and was friends with my sister; he was among the missing.  Within minutes, that news changed from missing to “we will miss you.”

I may not have known John Larimer well, but I knew who he was, I remember him and I’m sure we interacted at least once – we were involved in similar activities.

Regardless, it hits close to home.  It’s a reminder that life is short.  It’s a reminder that we need to make sure we live the life that we want because you don’t know how long you have.  It’s a reminder to be happy and live each day to it’s fullest.  It’s a reminder to tell people how you feel because you never know when you’ll have the opportunity to say it again.

Life is short.  Life is just too short.

I want to send all of my thoughts and prayers out to the Larimer family and all other family and friends of the victims in the Aurora, CO shooting.  My heart aches for your loss.


And to end on a fun note: Yesterday I had the opportunity to guest blog for Lauren over at Oatmeal After Spinning.  This girl is so awesome and I’m so happy we had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other at Blend.  Check out my 5 Life Essentials.

2 thoughts on “Life Is Short

  1. Heather Blackmon

    Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear that the shooting affected one of your friends. We’ve only been here a week, so it was pretty crazy (it a bad way) to hear the news when we woke up last Friday. Although I don’t know anyone personally impacted, I’ve noticed that I have no desire to go to a theater anytime soon. Very scary stuff, and it really is a very safe area generally.

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