Living in LA is like….

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Like I mentioned yesterday, today was quite the early day.  I woke up at 3:45, showered, ate breakfast, poured myself a cup of coffee and ran out the door for work.  I was surprisingly energetic and felt quite well rested.
Anyway, after we finished our even this morning, we went for a late brunch at Barney’s on the Promenade. Yay for french toast + strawberries!  But the whole point of this post is not to tell you about my french toast but rather about the quote that was on the bathroom wall as I was drying my hands.  I know this sounds strange, but hang with me here….
If you (or anyone you know) has ever moved to LA (especially for the entertainment industry), they have probably had a moment that felt like this quote.  Maybe they feel this way everyday.  Maybe they feel like this is just that temporary place for them to be while they figure out their life, their path, their career and where they ultimately want to end up.  But I think it’s accurate.  So accurate it made me laugh and I had to hurry back to my seat repeating it in my head because I didn’t want to forget it.  So accurate.  So funny.
“Living in LA is like being stuck on a set of a movie you didn’t want to see in the first place.”
I don’t know where it’s from.  I tried googling it but nothing came up.  But it’s brilliant.