A Long and Fun Weekend

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If I were one of those bloggers who apologized for not blogging, then right now I’d be apologizing but seeing as I was away from the blog because I was busy living LIFE, living in the moment and treating myself, that’s not happening. No apologies here. In fact what I will say, is that I hope each and every one of you enjoyed your weekend and got to fill it with plenty of time with friends and family. I know I sure did. So let’s rewind, shall we?


I had my weekend planned out. There wasn’t too much going on but I had a few things here and there planned with friends. When I woke up Sunday morning, I had no idea what was actually in store for my day but when a friend texted me asking if I’d want to go with her to the Luke Bryan concert because someone cancelled, of course I said yes!


I spent my morning running around between my workout at the gym, seeing a friend about to move away, visiting a friend who moved away and was in town for the weekend, and then hurrying home to shower before making my way to meet up with friends for the concert. We grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at the Flat Top Grill before making our way over to Soldier Field for the show.


Cole Swindell, Lee Bryce, and Dierks Bentley opened up for Luke Bryan and it was honestly a great show. (We all know that I do like country having grown up on it.) My least favorite performance (by far) was Lee Bryce but he came back out later and played a song with Luke which thankfully was much better.


I didn’t get back home from the show until about 2am and then had to be up for brunch with the family…I tried to get my butt out of bed for a run but when my alarm went off, there was no way that was happening so I rolled over and dozed in and out until 8am when I had to get out of bed or I wouldn’t make 9am brunch. Thankfully coffee exists which made the whole thing less painful and me a nicer person. 😉

like a million stars

like a million stars

Brunch with the family was filled with lots of food and many many questions about 50 States. Of course I happily answered all questions and helped everyone understand this crazy-awesomeness.


I went straight from brunch to meet up with friends to celebrate my good friend Nicole’s birthday. It was so fun but after a few hours, I was really crashing and made my way home to rest. I’m sure they thought I was crazy when I said I was going to go home and probably go to bed but quite honestly, it was either that or despite the fun I was having, I’d be asleep at our table.

10322650_1674281979462768_9091921623891060871_nNow, my full-time job is officially planning for 50 States and really making things come together. It’s crazy, exciting, scary, overwhelming and so much fun. I feel blessed and can’t wait to see what’s ahead of me. 🙂

How was your weekend? What’d you do?

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  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    I loved following your Insta this weekend! You had SUCH a blast and I’m so happy for you 🙂 My weekend was full of way too much drinking and running and eating buttttt that’s what weekends are for, right?! 😉

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