Loud and Clear!

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My body has been asking for a day off and while I’d like to say that I listened, today, I did not.  I looked at my week ahead and decided I wanted yoga in the next few days and today was my best bet, so I went.  But after a rough day at work (it just got started on the wrong foot and I had trouble bringing it back in as things progressed), I really hoped yoga would be my answer.
Alas, it was not.  I went to a class with an instructor that I don’t have a set opinion on.  Sometimes I like her classes, other times, not so much.  Today was a not so much and by the time we got to the hip openers, I was so fed up and annoyed, I just started crying.  
If you’ve never been to a yoga class or heard this before, we store our stress and tension in our hips, so when you’re doing a hip opener (like pigeon pose pictured below), we are releasing that tension on our exhales.  Well I released my tension on my exhales and through my stream of tears.
So, do I feel better now?  Yes.  For the most part at least.
Will I take tomorrow as a rest day?  Yes.  Because my body is screaming loud and clear and I hear it!