Lower Body Superset Triplet Workout

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While long walks and hot yoga have reigned supreme in my workouts lately, I have still been fitting in a few strength workouts here and there as feels good. (I’m still hoping for a run one of these days.)

Today’s workout was one that I completed last week and it made my legs shake, in the best way, of course!

lower body superset triplet PIN

I also want to take a moment to point out the workouts page on the blog…it’s gone under a bit of a transformation lately and will hopefully serve as a better resource for anyone looking for a great workout!

How are your workouts going?

Anything you’re struggling or succeeding with in particular?

20 thoughts on “Lower Body Superset Triplet Workout

  1. Liz Jo

    I’ll have to look up some of these work outs, I don’t recognize the name of them, but this sounds like a great thing for me. It can be done at home and with kids. And lower body is something I need to work out!

    liz @ j for joiner

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