“Lunch Break” Supersets

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Honestly, I haven’t been doing a ton of strength training workouts lately. It’s been a mix of running, walking and heated yoga. Sure I’ve thrown in some here and there, but I’ve been listening to my body and lately, strength workouts just weren’t taking priority.

Then last week happened. I had a migraine most of the weekend and the “hangover headache” on Monday was enough to make me work from home while things settled. I took a super short nap mid-morning and it seemed to help enough that come lunch time, I was ready for a little workout.

I started with a run and while a hard run isn’t a bad thing, I found myself really wanting a strength workout, so I ended the run early and quickly threw together this superset workout, perfect for the remainder of my lunch break.

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Do you enjoy working out at lunch time?

What are some of your favorite lunch time workouts?

17 thoughts on ““Lunch Break” Supersets

  1. Charlotte

    <3 your shorts! And yes–always looking to change up the routine so I thank you! You always have such great inspiring quick workout ideas. Love it!

  2. Linh

    Just starting working out again after having my 2nd baby and this is such great motivation. I love doing supersets because you feel the burn and it’s a fast way to get your workouts in.

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