Mad to Live

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The thing about losing someone, whether a friend, relative, or acquaintance, is that it gets you thinking. Besides the obvious thoughts of sadness and remembering some of your best memories with that person, they get you thinking about your OWN life.


Jimmy had a tattoo that read “mad to live” – a quote from author Jack Kerouac. This was Jimmy’s mantra, what led him through each day of his life.


After his passing and as I read stories from friends, family and people he met briefly during his travels, you could clearly see he was driven each day by this simple quote – “mad to live.”


So we get thinking…

-Am I living my life to it’s greatest potential?

-Am I positively impacting those that I meet along my journey?

-Am I enjoying what I’m doing with my life?

-Is there more to this life that I still need to tap into?

-Have I seen enough of the world? (This is a big fat NO!)

-What can I do/change/add/take away to ensure I’m living my best life?


It’s unfortunate that it takes something so tragic, something so heart wrenching, something so drastic to make us take that step back, reflect and then move forward from this point to live out our best lives.


So Jimmy, there’s no snooze button today, just living to my greatest potential. While this still doesn’t seem real and you’re so missed, thank you for the reminder that there’s more to this life.


Today and everyday forward, I’m going to strive for my best possible life, to enjoy every moment – both the big and small, to let go of fear that holds me back – from loving, living and dreaming, and to make sure I’m sharing MYSELF with the world.


How are you ‘mad to live’?

4 thoughts on “Mad to Live

  1. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out

    So sorry for your loss.

    That’s such a great life perspective. Kind of why this year I made it my mission to thrive, and not just “get through” all the crazyness. It’s easy to get bogged down like that in the day-to-day shuffle, though. “Mad to live”. A great thing to remember your friend by.

  2. Meg @ A Dash of Meg

    ahhhhhhh i love that your wrote this baby. you’re so strong. you’re doing so well. and have such a great outlook. whenever you have doubt, read this post because you said it perfectly <3

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