Making it Through the Holidays Without Breaking The Bank

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been extremely careful with my money. Whether I just got paid or don’t get paid for weeks, I tend to feel “broke” so to speak. It’s not always the case but I often find that it keeps me extra mindful of the money that comes in and goes out each month.


When it comes to budgeting I feel everyone has to find their own way that works for them. So over the last several years of being “on my own” I’ve tried many, often taking advice from friends and family, articles I read online or in a book, or some other idea that’s come across my path. Some ideas have lasted weeks or months while others haven’t even lasted a full 24 hours.

After years of trial, I finally found what works best for me. By tracking my expenses weekly, monthly and yearly, I can see where the majority of my spending lies; I can see the weeks or months when I go overboard; I can see where I overspent one month and could have been more lenient the next; and I can see when I did a good job of saving (for emergencies, trips, or gifts for friends/family).


It’s taken awhile for me to find what works, but now that I have, I feel like I can take that same approach to budgeting projects like 50 States and just as important, budgeting through the holiday season.

With Black Friday sales happening all around us and holiday music ringing through our ears, it’s not uncommon for gifts and get-togethers to be in the forefront of our minds. But at the same time, the holidays aren’t meant to lose sight of our financial goals. Thankfully, there are companies out there who understand the need to stay on budget not just through the day to day but also through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. From $100 bonus for opening a 360 Checking or Savings account to $40 bonus per successful friend referral, all of Capital One 360’s Black Friday Sale deals are designed to encourage us to keep finances top of mind!

So if you’re going to take part in any Black Friday deals this year, start by checking out the one that will give you financial peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

How do you keep a responsible and reasonable budget through the holidays?

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