Marathon Mindset & Weekly Workouts #33

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And just like that, not only is week 1 of Chicago Marathon training under my belt, I also completed the Ragnar Relay Michigan trail run last weekend! Wahoo! We were a team of 8 women who admittedly under-estimated the hills and toll that 16 miles of trail running would take, but we persevered and pushed through despite it all. And admittedly, we’d all probably do it again with a little more knowledge and lessons learned from the first go-round. Crazy? Sure. 

What I found interesting was that for me personally, I approached this challenge from the mindset of the marathon. For me, it was the reminder that if I can run up this hill, if I can be tired but still just keep moving, if I can make myself a little uncomfortable, if I can push past XYZ mindset block, then I can not only get through marathon training, but I can also get through the marathon. And I don’t think that’s a stretch to say. Mindset is everything.

Leaving for my final leg! LOL

All 3 trail legs started and ended the same – with hills. The start hill was a long and semi gradual incline that started with a sandy area. The end hill was actually a sand dune and a bit steeper. Both took your breath away in an instant and challenged your very core. By my third run, I was so sick of those hills, I debated walking up. While I believe there’s nothing wrong with walking, I know for myself that I need to keep running even if it’s basically a walk so I don’t lose the mental and physical momentum. But for that third run, I told myself I could walk if I needed to but to play it by ear. I quickly shifted that mindset and instead told myself that this is the last time I GET to run those hills. I was a bit shocked how well that worked. 

On my final run up the sand dune, as I passed a few people walking and saw the other runners standing on the side cheering us all on, I asked a guy “am I even moving?” Of course I knew that I was but I figured a little sense of humor would do us all some good. He responded, “you’re moving a lot faster than most people, KEEP GOING!” and a bunch of people started cheering. It got me up that hill so I could immediately run back down the other side and onto the final straight away to hand off to the next runner on my team. My point being, isn’t it amazing what your MINDSET can do? If it can get you up a hill that you’re about ready to let defeat you, just imagine what else it can do?

Think about that as we check in on last week’s workouts and the first full week of training under my belt.


Monday 6/10:
Speed/Track workout:
800m @ 10k pace
4x400m @ 5k pace
800m @ 10k pace

Tuesday 6/11:
Yoga (taught, filmed, on my own)
Long walk with Poncho

Wednesday 6/12:
Speed/Tempo workout:
1 mile easy run
1.5 mile Tempo
1 mile easy run

Thursday 6/13:

Friday 6/14:

Saturday 6/15:
RAGNAR – 16 miles run total Sat-Sun

Sunday 6/16:
RAGNAR – 16 miles run total Sat-Sun

3 thoughts on “Marathon Mindset & Weekly Workouts #33

  1. Eli@CoachDaddy

    I find the positive mindset especially powerful when I’m waiting on the meat lover’s pizza to come out of the oven at the buffet! Seriously, this is awesome. And if you ever need me to take any of this workload off you, I’m volunteering for “Long walk with Poncho” or “Easy 1 Mile Run.”

  2. Beth

    A positive mindset most definitely makes the difference! Way to go on the ragnar race! The marathon will be awesome, you totally got this!
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