March 2018 Goals

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We’re gearing up for another month. Well, kind of. Let’s get real, we’re already a few days in. 😉 February was INSANE and stressful for me in a lot of ways and while there’s some stressful things coming up for March, I’m optimistic there will also be many things to celebrate and be grateful for.

But before we get to my goals for March, let’s take a look back at February…

  1. Complete my yoga teacher training practical exam (and feel really proud of myself with how it goes – it’s 2/25) I can’t say I was totally proud of myself, but I also admit that I can be pretty hard on myself at times. I’m a perfectionist, even though that’s not a possible reality. I have my written exam in a few days and then I’ll be graduated and working to get hired to teach somewhere. Fingers crossed!
  2. Read 3 books I read 6 books! SIX!
  3. Travel to LA with the boy, see friends and have a fun & relaxing trip Check! Check! Check! It was great to see friends, eat delicious food, soak in the sunshine, and make lots of new memories with the boy. I really enjoy traveling with him.
  4. Begin ½ marathon training & stick to my plan I’m a few weeks into my training plan and happy to say that I’ve been sticking with training. There’s signs of spring coming and truthfully, I loved getting outside for my run a couple weeks ago. I look forward to more of those runs soon!

I’m setting some similar goals for March and taking on some new challenges. Here’s what I have up my sleeve…

March goals

  1. Officially complete my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program
  2. Read 4 books (hoping a few of these will at least be physical books, not just audio)
  3. Get hired to teach yoga at a studio
  4. Grow blog and social media accounts
  5. Clean out closets / declutter (spring cleaning anyone?)
  6. Do 10 push-ups every day

What are some of your goals for the month ahead?