March 2019 Goals

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While February is a “short” month, I have to admit that it still felt rather long. I’m sure the winter weather, full of snow, ice, and frigid temps, are likely to blame. While March doesn’t guarantee winter will go into hibernation, it does mean that spring will begin to show it’s face and before we know it, we’ll be looking at sunnier skies and flowers peaking out of the ground. Those are some of my favorite moments.

The start of a new month is also one of my favorite times to talk about goals. My word for 2019 is RISE and I’m really trying to be mindful when I’m planning my monthly goals to make sure I’m always coming back to that anchor word and my overall yearly goals in some way or another. Before we take a look at my goals for March, let’s take a moment to reflect on February and see how I did.

1. No Spend Month – This was not successful, to be totally honest. In some ways it was but in most, I really didn’t quite hit the bill. A “no spend month” is HARD. What was successful though was just being more MINDFUL of my spending. I still overspent in some categories (hello, forgetting that you need to order more heartworm and flea & tick prevention for your pup!) but I also didn’t want to buy any alcohol in February and I didn’t! I made myself a homemade margarita one night but I already had the tequila. I did buy myself a new pair of boots but they were 75% off the original price and paid for ENTIRELY with a gift card! Talk about a win!

2. Read 4 books Check!

3. Launch Yoga Youtube channel Check! And I’ve been getting great feedback! If you haven’t checked out any of my classes, I would so appreciate if you did and subscribed too! There are multiple yoga classes and a couple meditations up. None of them are all that long so they’re great even if you have a busy schedule.

4. Build out as my website hub Check! It’s still a work in progress but I feel a lot more confident sending people to that site to get more of a well-round vision of who I am and what I do!

5. Weekly Writing Date with myself I’m bummed to say that this didn’t happen. I’m not setting it as a goal this month but still hoping to make it happen. I obviously take time to write for the blog but I mean more along the lines of writing my book which I haven’t touched in awhile. 

6. Make a Positive Impact in my Work Ish? I feel like some creativity and focus are coming back. I feel valued and admired for my work some days, which I guess is progress. With that said, when I teach yoga, I feel it and I feel like every day that I get to teach, I am reminded that this is truly the direction I’m headed. (This also wasn’t a very measurable goal…)

As for my goals for March? Let’s dive in.

1. Read 4 books – We’ll probably see this every month as it keeps me right on track to finishing 52 books this year.

2. Stick to budget – One thing I’ve found really helpful is to use cash when possible but especially for food and grocery purchases. I’m committed to getting back on track with that this month.

3. Complete Poncho’s training – We’re in a 6 week training and obedience course right now. We are 2 weeks in and it’s definitely been helpful. We still have a way to go with training outside of this course, but I’m seeing improvements and that’s really all I can ask for. I was encouraged to get Poncho a front facing halter and thanks to some reviews I found on, I think I know which one I’ll order! I’m excited to see how this helps our training!

4.Attend at least 2 yoga or other fitness classes (as a student) this month – I’m really craving community right now and struggling to find that in Grand Rapids. I know that it’s not going to happen by staying inside so I’m going to try to get myself out of the house doing something I enjoy. I don’t like to leave TOO much since getting Poncho (especially since he barks while I’m away) but this is for my own mental health, sanity, and social needs so I know it’s needed.

5. Grow IG account by 4% – That may not seem like much that should take me past 2k followers. While I know that numbers aren’t everything, I would like to get to the point that I can have the swipe up feature. That’s a ways away so I have to start somewhere. I’m also working on a branding course right now which I’m hoping will make all of this a reality. But meanwhile, are you following me on IG? haha

What are your goals for March? Let me know in the comments below and let’s help support one another!

11 thoughts on “March 2019 Goals

  1. Kim

    IG is on my list this month too. Time to step it up a little and get some more interaction going! Staying in a budget is always important and its so nice when you can stick to it! Four books a month is a good goal too. Happy reading 🙂 .
    Kim recently posted…Menu Plan: 3•4•19My Profile

  2. Anthea

    I’d love to try a no-spend month sometime but I can imagine it is really difficult.
    52 books in a year is a great goal – my most is 40 and it was quite rushed at the end. Are you on Goodreads?
    I need to check out your YouTube channel!
    Anthea recently posted…March goals and mantrasMy Profile

  3. Beth

    I’d love to build my IG more, I’m almost to 1000 which felt like a big deal, ha. I hope you can get your numbers where you want them also!!

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