March 2020 Goals

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What a strange winter. Not that I’m complaining by any means, but I feel like I wouldn’t be alone in saying that I’m almost anticipating Mother Nature will come sweeping through with vengeance after this mild winter. I’m writing this post on March 1st with the sun shining brightly through my windows and my phone telling me it’s 54 degrees outside. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining either. Our gentle winter has allowed more walks outside with Poncho, a safe drive to and from Toronto last weekend, and my heating bill to not be (too too) expensive. ha! it’s the little things.

With it being March 1st though I am feeling hopeful that spring is right around the corner. I’m excited for an opportunity for this season of rebirth and renewal, for myself and the things I’m working on in my life, but also for all of you. I have some exciting things in the work that I know will help us all get a step closer to our goals. In fact, my goals for this month will give you a bit of a sneak peek at a few things that I’m working on over here. 🙂 

February 2020 Goals

-Finish reading 4 books – check!
-Dry February – check! (After my one slip-up with my team at the start of the month, I stuck to it after and I’m really happy about that)
-Plan rules for a no-spend month – check!
-Restorative yoga teacher training with Kelly – check!
-Writer 2 pieces of snail mail – check! (Though I’ll admit, they’re not getting dropped in the mail until March 2)
-Order dress for a friend’s wedding – check! (Fingers crossed it fits OK)
-Attend 8 studio yoga classes – check! It felt SO good to be a student more this month!
-Find more things to sell/donate (to make more space) – not quite, so I’m adding this back to my goals
-Get together with friends in GR – nope but I have had some new realizations in this department and that feels like a win in a different way
-Grow Instagram to 2,000 followers – nope, but there was a little growth so let’s keep going!

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My heart was so full after a weekend spent in Toronto learning more about restorative yoga (and getting to practice it), surrounded by some amazing women, and having some (life and business) inspired chats with @yogaforyouonline. ⁣ ⁣ But what I didn't expect was the harsh return to reality and just how heartbreaking that return would feel for me on several levels.⁣ ⁣ And this feeling has been leaving me almost frozen in time, unable to take action on the things in my life that I'm working towards, wanting to run away as fast as I can, and hunker down in my sweats with my dog and never move. ⁣ ⁣ But at the same time, I know this is also inspiration to work towards the life that I truly WANT and SEE for myself. Sometimes the hardest thing is taking one step away from what no longer serves you and one step closer to the things that DO. ⁣ ⁣ One small step. One foot forward. It's all progress.

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March 2020 Goals

-Complete a no spend month
-Go get a massage (use gift card)
-Plan out spring GR retreat
-Find more things to sell/donate (to make more space)
-Grow Instagram to 2,000 followers
-Build new IAKA website
-Finish creating my new program (!!!!) and decide on a launch date

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