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It’s hard to believe it’s already May, but also, I’m totally okay with it. The year is going by pretty quickly for me and while that’s terrifying in some ways, I’m also totally okay with it in others. To be honest, since everyone says that time heals, I’m hoping the quicker time goes, the quicker I’ll heal..that’s how it works, right? ha!

Anyway, I’m using May as an opportunity to re-focus and get back to the goals that I set for myself at the start of the year and figure out if I’m actually on track. My word for the year was RISE and I don’t necessarily feel like I have. I’m seeing my fears fog my dreams in many ways so I’m trying to do a little self-cleaning to see if I can gain back that clarity and remind myself that things that scare me ARE worth pursuing. I’m coming back to my mantra of “let it be easy” as a way to remind myself that things don’t have to be as hard and overwhelming as I have a tendency to make them. And I’m working to let my true authentic self show and worry less about what others think because at the end of the day, they aren’t the ones who have to live with my regrets. 

With that said, before we get to my goals for May, let’s take a look back at my goals for April and see how they went…

1. Read 4 Books – Yes! It was close but thanks to audiobooks, this was able to happen just in the knick of time. 
2. Complete Meditation Teacher Training – Yes! I loved this so much and I can’t wait to find more ways to share meditation with the world.
3. Get a Massage – Nope. Sadly, I did not but I did make sure to at least schedule my appointment so while it won’t happen until late May, I am scheduled and on the books.
4. Plan a Trip for later this year – No, not really…I’ve been talking to a couple friends about trips and getaways, but I haven’t officially picked a date. I’m still looking at two months as an option. I hate saying this, but I have a tendency to fall back on “I don’t know where I’ll be with XYZ at the time” as an excuse to not commit. I need to work on that.
5. Upgrade phone – Nope. I didn’t do this either. Truthfully, I’ve been saving money on my cell phone bill the last few months and I’m kind of enjoying it. My current phone is definitely slow, fills up really quick, and definitely doesn’t have the clearest photos compared to the rest of the world these days, but it’s getting the job done. I’m hoping maybe May will be the month that I upgrade, but I’m also not putting a time frame on it and enjoying the cheaper bill.

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“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” ―Lalah Delia 🔥 That quote is FIRE and legit speaking to my soul. I am in a space of tapping back into who I am, who I want to be, and what I want from my life which means things are shifting, evolving, and the game is indeed about to change. There's still a lot of unknowns, questions, undetermined timelines, but there are visions becoming clearer, words being spoken with more conviction, and action being taken. The game is changing and I hope you'll join me for the ride. 🔥 So as we approach this new week ahead, let me ask you – what can YOU do this week to tap back into your goals, your dreams, and who you want to be? How can you start to change the game?

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With that whole feeling of some things being up in the air, there’s a good chance that some of these things may need to change or will be a forced adjustment, but I’m just going to do the best that I can. Here are my goals for May.

1. Get a massage – it’s on the calendar! 
2. Begin teaching meditation – This has two parts. I’ll be teaching a yin yoga and guided meditation class at a studio, but I also want to do meditation coaching one-on-one. Details to come on that…
3. Weekly writing date with myself – Before I adopted Poncho and post-breakup, I was really good about fitting these into my schedule but not so much lately. Due to my May teaching schedule, Poncho will be in daycare on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so my thought is to plan even 30 minutes to write and keep him there a little bit longer to make sure I’m giving myself that time. It doesn’t cost me anymore to have him there longer, so why not?
4. Take a yoga class weekly – I have 2 studios I can practice at for free since I’m an instructor, but I also think I’m going to get a class pack to another local studio that I like. I can get a partial reimbursement thanks to my part-time job and practicing with different instructors is always a great way to help me grow as an instructor and student. If I can make it happen more than once a week, awesome, but once a week is the goal.
5. Stick to my weekly training plan – I’ve been feeling a little less motivated in my workouts and nutrition, and as a result, a little less comfortable in my body the last few weeks. I want to get that back on track because it makes me feel better mentally AND physically. I’m going to join the LG ConfidenceKini Challenge but adjust the training schedule to work with my running training. I think a new weight training plan will help me feel more motivated, especially since I have the Ragnar race on the schedule to train for too.

What are your goals for the new month? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “May 2019 Goals

  1. Lecy | A Simpler Grace

    Your yin yoga class sounds like it’s going to be awesome. I wish I were closer so I could take it! I don’t have any yoga studios near where I live so I have to travel an hour or more to take classes. Good job on your goals in April. I’m sure you’ll kick butt in May! 🙂
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  2. katie

    I totally understand what you mean about not meeting your word of the year. I have had “get a new job” and “find a good relationship” on my to-do list for more than 3 years. It stinks when you’re waiting and waiting and you know you can’t rush it, but I try to just find the small progress. I’m finally in the new job, so I’m hopeful that relationship aspect is maybe a year or two away.
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  3. Beth

    You did good on your April goals and I love your goals for May! I am glad you are taking time for yourself and getting that massage! I also love that quote you shared on Insta “she remembered who she was and the game changed” – I had a moment with that quote earlier this year and it’s just so powerful.

  4. Charlotte

    You did a wonderful job in April and I love seeing massage on your list for May! That reminds me that I have a gift certificate for YEARS that I haven’t redeemed. I know, I am the WORST!

    Also I totes do the same thing when it comes to trip planning–I don’t know where I’ll be and therefore I have a hard time committing. I hope you’re able to get something down in the books; sometimes it helps (believe me, I friggin OBSESSED about taking a trip until I booked Berlin). Hope you have a lovely month ahead, Katie! XO

  5. ShootingStarsMag

    Oh, a massage sounds amazing. That’s great you have one scheduled for the end of the month. And if it doesn’t cost more to keep your dog at daycare longer, you should totally add a little more time and do a writing date with yourself. Love that idea. I really need to carve out more time for my own writing.


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