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I’m going to start today with what I’m thankful for because what I’m thankful for today is memories.  As simple as it may seem, it’s true because as we grow older those memories are what we have to look back on.  Sometimes we remember them all on their own, sometimes the memories disappear in a field of other forgotten memories, and then there’s the ones that are stimulated through pictures, activities, or objects.


On Sunday, my whole family was given the opportunity to bring up and celebrate old memories.  And the 94 year old man who was the reason for us all, was also remembering.


You see, my great Uncle Kenny used to fix up old cars and up until a year or two ago, he would still spend just about everyday at his shop – even if it was just to take a nap or look at his old handy-work.  He used to take these cars on tours all across the country and won many competitions and awards.  He even donated one of his old cars to a nearby museum.

Sadly, the cars leave soon to go to auction and this was the last chance to gather friends and family to see, reminisce, and take photos.

We were even able to help Uncle Kenny into one of the cars for a picture with a few of the kids.

We used to ride in this car every 4th of July after the parade.  Uncle Kenny would go get the car from his shop, come pick up the kids and drive us around town for a few minutes.


It was a great party and opportunity to bring up old memories (like to one above) and enjoy our last moments with these classic cars.

What memories from your childhood have been brought up recently?

What are you thankful for today?

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