Mini Bands BOOTY Burning Workout

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Are you ready to make your booty burn?


I know I have mentioned mini bands before (they are perfect for travel!) but these things were seriously one of the best investments I’ve made in my “home gym” equipment purchases! While mini bands are great for so many things, one of my favorite ways to use them is for some serious booty burn!

I woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful fall chill in the air. Seriously, it was amazing. The only downfall was the reminder how cozy it is curled up under a warm comforter, especially when you can feel that chilly air just outside those blankets. I stayed in bed longer than I originally planned and then made myself a pot of hot coffee and a packet of gluten-free Love Grown oatmeal.

Side note – check out this insanely generous Love Drop they sent me? They’re the best!

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Once my breakfast had some time to digest and I spent a couple hours writing to make myself feel better about the day ahead and all that I wanted to accomplish, I decided it was time to stop putting off my run and got dressed. I’ve been a total sucker for running on the treadmill but I decided it was the perfect day to get outside and enjoy the weather, so I did.

Once the run was over, I grabbed my mini bands and got in a quick but major booty burn…I’m not sure you all are ready for this! 😉


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What are some of your favorite ways to use mini bands?

Or if you don’t have mini bands, what is your favorite piece of “home gym” equipment?

17 thoughts on “Mini Bands BOOTY Burning Workout

  1. Kiara Catanzaro

    I’ve never tried this type of workout before but I’m sure it would definitely tone and work your legs and butt! Great post!

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