Moral of the Story

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Sunday morning: 

I could sit here and spend my moments worrying that I missed my long run.  I could sit here and dwell that instead of running I’m spending my morning sitting at Starbucks and eating coffee mocha almonds.  I could sit here feeling bad or I could sit here and pride myself for listening to my body, for doing what was best for me this morning and make up that mileage later.


And I’m choosing the latter.  Why waste my time and energy feeling bad? I’m already feeling very tired, weak and low energy – that’s why I didn’t run in the first place!


Listening to your body, especially when you’re in training mode can be very challenging but I think it’s just as important as the training itself.  You have to know when to push further, when to push harder and when to back off and relax. Today was a day that I needed to give to my body and so I did.


Monday evening:

When I woke up this morning the idea of getting out of bed sounded awful and despite the cooler breeze coming through my window, I didn’t want to run outside.  I was still feeling tired and was afraid I’d get out on my run and not have the energy to finish.  I also knew that if I didn’t do anything, I’d regret it later.  So what did I do?


I got my butt out of bed, packed my gym bag, ate a quick breakfast and made my way to the gym.  I reasoned with myself that I would determine my run based on how I feel.  If I can’t run more than a mile, I’ll spend the rest of the time walking and stretching; if I can go further, then I will.  This mentally worked perfectly today – I ran 4 miles and felt great!


So what’s the moral of the story?

Listen to your body.  Reason with yourself. Just get out the door!


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