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I’m going to start by saying this is NOT a sponsored post – there was no exchange of money or product or even an email – this is an INSPIRED post, one of those things I was just motivated to write and share, because I want to!


It was a few weeks ago when I was watching TV and ad came up that caught my attention. In fact, it was this ad:



I almost couldn’t believe what I was watching – that it was actually happening and someone was actually trying to inspire women to break away from the feeling that we’re simply defined by the size of our jeans or shirt we throw on each morning, and that we’re more than the number on the scale.


It was for Special K – maybe the best campaign to come from what will you gain when you lose.


And it didn’t stop there:



I used to love eating Special K. It was one of those cereals that was so simply delicious that I’d buy it because I enjoyed it, not because I was trying to lose anything. If it were in line with the foods I eat now, maybe I still would buy it but since it’s not, I don’t. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I ate Special K. But this campaign needs attentionthis message needs attentionSTOP THE FAT TALK!



This is a movement. Or at least the start of one.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.15.17 PMI know we all have our moments. We have our days when we can’t help but want to stay in bed, in our pjs and not let a single person see us. We have the days we don’t feel beautiful or sexy. We have the days when our jeans are fitting too tight and we can’t help but call ourselves ugly, bloated, or fat.


We all have those days but that doesn’t mean it’s true!


We wouldn’t look at our friends and call them those names, we wouldn’t be that hard and mean to those we love, so why are we saying these things to ourselves? Why aren’t we taking the opportunity to love, nurture and care for ourselves even more in those moments?


Because we’re all beautiful. You’re beautiful. I’m beautiful.


And we’re all more than a number!

11 thoughts on “More Than A Number

  1. Calee

    I love this campaign, except it is marketing cereal to people as a way to diet, which isn’t the best thing, BUT, I do love the concept behind their marketing campaign.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, true but I feel like they’re headed in the right direction (especially since they offer more than just cereal these days). I’d love for them to clean up the foods but I’d love that from 99% of the foods you can buy in a grocery store… 😉

  2. JenB

    I don’t watch any live TV anymore (I just wait until things hit DVD or Netflix) so I don’t see commercials, had not seen these commercials. Thanks for pointing them out 🙂 It was a good message (but I don’t eat SpecialK, I’m still a Frosted Flakes kind of gal … I’m sweet!)

  3. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    While I love this campaign, the fact that Special K – a cereal made and created and marketed for weight loss – is doing this campaign kind of pisses me off. They throw this “you’re more than just a number” out there and then the next commercial I see for them is lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks! I just see very conflicting messages by them which makes me sad… So I guess while I love this focus on loving ourselves for more than numbers, I don’t really love the fact that a weight loss brand is sponsoring it 🙁 That is all – love you! <3

    1. admin Post author

      I haven’t seen their usual commercials lately, I thought maybe this was a transition to new times for them? Blah… 😉

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