Motivation From The Past

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There’s a level of motivation missing for me lately.  I’m sure there are a few different reasons behind this but regardless if I can find something that motivates me to get out the door, I’m going to do it.  And on Tuesday that meant running the track at my old middle school.


I set out to do GPP’s Run + Lunge workout with additional running to/from the track to get my 3 1/2 mile planned run.  This was no easy feat but when all was said and done, I felt amazing!

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As I ran around the track on Tuesday I was reminded of where I was last time I ran this track.  I was the girl unable to run a 1/4 mile without walking; I was the girl the gym teachers would advise to walk the curves and run the straightaways; I was the girl told not to participate in the 24 hour run because they didn’t think I could finish even with weeks of training.

1170875_935114720649_1529788189_nBut here I am nearly 15 years later (is that right?) running this track without walking, having completed a 1/2 marathon only months earlier and training for my second.  Would anyone have ever imagined I’d be here now?

photo-314And as I ran lap after lap and as I ran home, I found myself reflecting on those years, reflecting on how far I’ve come and being really proud of where I am, so strong, so able, and as the athlete I never thought I could be.  I used this to power me through and as those lunges left my legs feeling all jelly-like, I didn’t slow down or give up; I took breaks where needed and kept going strong.


I found my motivation Tuesday morning and who knew it was hiding in my past?

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