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I’m not sure if February dragged by or went by way too quickly, but regardless I’m excited that March is here. Aside from being one month closer to my birthday ;), my cousin is getting married in a few weeks (which means I get to rock my new dress), and we’re (hopefully) going to start seeing less of this arctic winter weather and more spring-time weather show it’s face.


I’ve also been looking forward to March after dreaming up an idea to share a motivational quote or thought with you all each day of the month on the blog. I’m calling it Motivation in March and I’m hoping over the course of the next 31 days, we’ll all be able to find a form of motivation – whether you need it in your career, relationships, or pursuit to live a healthier life, I hope we all find what we need to make March 2014 one of the best months to date!

motivation march

Since removing the pressure to blog, I don’t blog everyday and quite honestly, that’s not going to change through March. Some days I might just pop in, share the quote and be on my way. Some days I might share the quote as part of my post. And other days, the quote might be a conversation starter. What happens is yet to be determined but I hope we all find what we need during the next 31 days.


Today’s quote is really special because one of my best friends sent it to me the other day. Without telling her about my Motivation in March plans, she had decided to post a new quote in her cubicle every day at work to keep her motivated and positive. It was like we were on the same wave length without even knowing it. When I told her about my plans she said she’d share her quotes with me and if I wanted to use any of them on the blog, go for it. What better way to start then?



Are you motivated by quotes?

What are some of your favorites?

8 thoughts on “Motivation In March

  1. rick copper

    Quotes (both from Hemingway):
    The first draft of anything is shit.

    The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shockproof, shit detector
    that one is tattooed on my back. 🙂

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