The Most Motivational Workout Playlist

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With spring here (can we just give a big THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE for the beautiful weather this weekend?! -sorry, Colorado), getting outside for a workout becomes more and more attractive.

Despite a long weekend of working at my second job, the weather was just way too beautiful to pass up. My morning on Saturday was filled with errands (i.e. groceries and gas post hot yoga), but I grabbed an iced coffee, threw my sunglasses on and drove around with the sunroof cracked and the windows down a bit to enjoy what I could of the beautiful weather.


Then on Sunday, I walked to and from work and hit a nearby trail for a (very) short run after work and before cooking dinner. The run was far from easy but I swear, it was just what the doctor ordered.

But speaking of running, my playlist is in a RUT. I’m pretty sure I’ve been listening to the same lists for the last couple years (maybe changing out a song or two here and there). I assume I’m not the only one in this place and that we all need a little playlist re-boot, am I right?

workout playlist PIN

So it all got me thinking, how about we all come together and make one killer playlist that is SURE to help motivate each of us in our workouts.

How are we going to do this, you ask?

In the comments, leave a song (or two) that really motivates YOUR workouts or that you’ve been meaning to add to your workout playlist but haven’t!

Then, I’ll gather everyone’s recommendations into one playlist and share it in a couple weeks (giving time for anyone who needs to think on it and come back, of course)!

Get it? Got it? Good!

What song are you adding to the workout playlist?

25 thoughts on “The Most Motivational Workout Playlist

  1. Amy Saunders

    I love Jessie J’s ‘Burnin’ Up’! It really gets me in the mood to workout and it is my go-to workout song now 🙂 and what a great idea getting everyone to comment with their own song choices!
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  2. Jessica lynn

    there are so many old-school songs I like, but for some reason the first one that comes to mind is “The Distance” by Cake. It always motivates me to go just a little further in whatever I’m doing!

  3. Allie

    Love this idea! It’s not a new song, but whenever it comes on my playlist it instantly picks up my pace: Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”. Oldie but a goodie. 😉

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