Music Monday

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I’m sorry for the somber tone yesterday but I write this blog to share my journey and express how I’m feeling.  It’s my outlet and I had to get that out there; I had to share.

But today we move forward and bring back the fun and we bring back the music.  Besides last I checked, music is great therapy and a great release.

But before I get to that, sometimes my parents like to follow-up my posts with emails.  Generally they’re talking about how much fun I had on a trip or how delicious something I made looked.  But sometimes they like to send me pictures.  And lucky for you, they sent a clearer picture of me as a ballerina.

Sometimes you get lucky too. 😉

Anyway, can we get on with the music?  Because I am obsessed with this song!

Alex Clare “Too Close”

Yep. I’d say it’s time to start searching for more of his music.  I’m sold.

What new music have you found lately?