Music Monday

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What my day was supposed to look like:
-Meet/work with Gigi
-Grocery shopping
-Anatomy final prep, blog work, research for Gigi
What my day did look like:
-Meet/work with Gigi
-Semi urgent text from work
-Walked over to work
-Proceeded to work for the next 7 or so hours
-Took my coworker home/met her puppy (!!)
Clearly my day didn’t go as planned.  It ended well getting to meet little puppy Rosco but it was quite the roller coaster in between.  Please send your positive vibes my way that all goes well and the dust clears away.
Anyway, I think it’s time we all relax with a little music, wouldn’t you say?
I’m one of those people who likes having some older music on my iPod (or iPhone) because a little nostalgia always makes me smile.  Well as I was running this past week, “Maybe It’s Me” by Ingram Hill came up and I couldn’t help but sing along (mouthing the lyrics as I was at the gym and didn’t want to scare/bother people) while pushing forward.  It made me happy.  I sure do love that song.  So it was only fitting that I included it today.
Here’s a live version of “Maybe It’s Me” by Ingram Hill.  Enjoy.  
(And don’t blame me if you start listening to this song on repeat..)