Music Monday // A Silent Film

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I know I’ve said this before but I absolutely LOVE when people turn me on to new music.  Sometimes I’m pretty sure it’s not actually new to me but it’s the first time I actually stop, listen, learn who the band / what the song is and actually develop an opinion.  It’s funny how that can work.

Anyway, one of my managers at work has pretty good tastes when it comes to music and when this song came on when we were opening the other day she pointed out how much she loves this song right now.  I paid extra attention, reminded myself of the band and made sure to listen to more music when I got home from work.  Dang, this is good!

Danny Dakota and the Wishing Well <- I’m failing with technology and inserting videos since moving to being self hosted.  I’ll get there again someday…I hope.

I mean seriously, I’m loving it!  The song is called Danny, Dakota and The Wishing Well and it’s beautiful, touching and just a really great song.

But don’t just stop at that song.  Pay attention to the band, A Silent Film.  Listen to more of their music.  They won’t disappoint.  And you know when it comes to music, I don’t lie and I know what I’m talking about.  

Just ask The Lumineers.  Well, scratch that, you may not be able to ask them because they are busy getting making their name.  I just hope they don’t forget where they came from and the people who helped them get there. 

Any good new music you’ve found lately?