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I’m sure you’re all expecting to me to share Adele’s new album ’25’ for Music Monday today, aren’t you? Well, I’m not. And not because I don’t think it’s good. (Hello, I just basically had a countdown on Facebook all last week! 😉 ) We’ve all heard “Hello” (which I did share) and I’m just going to tell you that while you may not be able to stream the album online, it’s worth the price, so just go buy it.


Instead today I want to share something else. Something that we can use to break up the repeat of Adele on our computers and iPhones; something we can have playing in our ear buds at work; something that’s totally worth a repeat itself.

Writing this on a Sunday morning, coffee in hand and waiting for the time to come around for me to head out the door for my run, loving the music coming into my ears and the potential for the day ahead of me.

[ctt title=”Spending my Monday listening to @bootstrapsmusic thanks to @talkless_saymor #musicmonday” tweet=”Spending my Monday listening to @bootstrapsmusic thanks to @talkless_saymor #musicmonday ” coverup=”hccGu”]

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9 thoughts on “Music Monday – Bootstraps

  1. Kim M

    I love Adele, but this was indeed a much needed break. Thanks for giving me something new to listen to this morning. Love the sound!

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