Music Monday: Chadwick Stokes

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Honestly, I have no idea how I came across today’s Music Monday artist, Chadwick Stokes. I must have run across a couple songs a few weeks (or maybe months?) ago and was intrigued enough to make a note in my list of post ideas, but then got distracted by something else long enough to totally forget about it.

Regardless, I’m thankful it came back. While I’ve been enjoying Adele’s “Hello” still, it’s all over the radio and I’m trying not to let it get ruined and over played so I was needing to change it up with something else.

The song I made note to share was “I want you like a seatbelt” but once I found that on Youtube, I also discovered a few others I’m really enjoying like “Pine Needle Tea” and “Our Lives, Our Time.”

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So fasten that seatbelt my friends, I’m bringing you a few songs to listen to this week…

Want more? Head to Spotify for the full album, The Horse Comanche.

Now I know I was really cryptic in Friday’s post and I’ve been hinting that there’s some change and excitement building….well, I’m not telling you what it is today (ha!) but I will tomorrow so make sure you come back for the big news tomorrow!! 🙂

What are you listening to this week?

How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Music Monday: Chadwick Stokes

  1. Shannon

    Ohhhh he’s so good! I love the idea of music monday, how cute! I post music in every post too, if you have a minute to pop over : )

  2. Shelly

    Oh, I like! Sometimes I am in the mood for folk-y music. Strangely, I am partial to certain genres during different seasons. I usually like folk music during the spring. lol

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