Music Monday: Gang of Youths

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You know those really deep conversations with friends? The ones that go on for hours upon hours, where you talk about life, relationships, what you want from your future, etc…the ones that just completely deplete you of your energy and leave you exhausted and wondering what just happened…but at the same time were truly liberating and freeing and exciting…now imagine that happening for over 7 hours while driving from Wyoming to Utah. That was my Friday.

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Now I’m not complaining, it was necessary (for both Samantha and myself, I believe) but by the time we arrived to our destination for the evening, I wasn’t sure I had anything left in me and figured I’d be in bed within the hour. Surprisingly enough, I stayed up until midnight, working and watching the Survivor Season finale (don’t judge me!) to zone out.


But come Saturday morning, I was ready for something easy, a semi-quiet morning to wake up slowly until it was time to really dive into the weekend ahead and get in a workout. I popped my headphones in, turned up Gang of Youths and opened my computer for some easy writing.

It’s easy for me to jump out of bed and be ready to tackle the day ahead, jump right into my todo list and get anxious if I’m not able to do that but once and awhile these mornings are just what I need. It’s a balance of productivity, relaxation, and self-care, as crazy as that may seem.

It’s the music that brings me back down, that reminds me to breathe, that assures me I’ll get the time or the workout or the coffee that I’m looking for soon enough.

Isn’t it amazing what music can do?

Isn’t it amazing where deep conversations can lead?